Murtagh Sheehy Boylan & Associates

Consultant Mechanical Engineers

Multi-Disciplinary Mechanical Engineering Services

MSB is a private Irish company (SME) providing a comprehensive service
across a wide spectrum of mechanical engineering design, and renewable energy projects. 

Engage us for any mechanical & structural engineering & CAD tasks you need. E.g. detailed design of any load bearing structures & large or small components.  We also provide LCOE calculations for the Renewable Energy Sector,  FMECA for complex systems, and Life Cycle Analysis for all kinds of products.  We have experience with electromechanical machine subsystem layouts and design. We also engage in minor mechanical engineering challenges such as bolts sizing and patterning, catenary chain and rope sizing, plate and structural steel sizing, and specifications for procured mechanical equipment.   We fully engage in detailed calculations, professional reporting, and all CAD requirements. We are located in the west of Ireland.

Project Engineering

Planning & Design Management

  • Procurement facilitation
  • Procurement & tendering evaluations 
  • Project planning, budget management
  • Safety engineering & transport planning
  • HazID and Risk Assessments
  • Renewable Energy Project Assessment
    (Wave, Wind, Tidal, Solar) 

Product Development

2D & 3D CAD Modelling 

  • Solidworks in house (3 licences)
  • Converting ideas and concepts to 3D CAD
  • Converting 3D CAD Models to BS 8888 Drawings
  • Fabrication / Workshop drawings 
  • Sheet Metal and flat pattern drawings.
  • Structural steel detail drawings
  • Structural steel layouts
  • Bills Of Materials creation and managment
  • DXF & CAM file creation for fabricators
  • Jig & Fixtures Design and Build
  • Small components/devices design 

3rd Party Verification

Expert Witness Service

  • MBA are fully insured (PL, EL and PI)
  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering assessments
  • Independent Mechanical Engineer Inspections
  • Site operation throughout Ireland and UK

Structural Framework Design

Framework Loading Analysis

  • Skeletal steelwork analysis
  • Plate finite element analysis
  • Bolt Sizing to BS 4604 and/or EN 1993 1-8
  • Design, analysis and assessment of buildings, bridges, lattice towers, masts and other structures.
  • Analysis of the deformation and strength of structures under the application of external loads
  • Pressure vessel design

Marine Engineering Design

Offshore Engineering

  • Marine energy converter concept evaluation
  • Hydrostatic Analysis incl. Stability Analysis and GZ curve assessment
  • Floating Structures performance prediction, assessment and optimisation
  • Extreme load case and fatigue load case definition 
  • Fatigue Life calculations 
  • Power take off optimisation
  • Cost assessment, LCOE
  • Research & Development program formulation and management
  • Grant funding application assessments
    (Wave, Wind, Tidal, Solar)
Company No. 450414                Unit 3, Pier Road, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, Ireland               VAT/EROI:  IE9679477V.
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